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Image courtesy of Ambro /

Jerman Personnel Hires for:

  • Administrative
  • Production
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Light Industrial
  • Electricians
  • Top Helpers


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We schedule candidates to come into our office by appointment only.

Jerman Personnel is both a temporary service AND a placement agency.

We have assignments that are temporary and some that are for hire by our clients. Our assignments vary in time and pay. Some can be for a day a week a month or much longer.

We do not guarantee anyone employment.

When positions come into our office we will match our candidates to the position if you are a match we will call you. We will give you all of the information on that position to see if you are interested. Then you will have the opportunity to accept or decline the position.

No one that fills out an application at Jerman Personnel Services, Inc. is guaranteed a job.

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