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Jerman Personnel Services is a driving force in staffing in the Midlands. We understand the needs of the area’s top employers and employees, including:

  • Staff available 24/7 to clients and field employees for emergency situations
  • Unconditional service and quality guarantee
  • Safety training
  • Payrolling


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Our field employees are given detailed orientations on Jerman Personnel’s policies and procedures, as well as those of their specific job assignments. Jerman Personnel’s strict substance abuse policy and our standards in dress codes, safety and attendance.
If a field employee must be late or absent for any reason, they must call our office in time to notify you. Jerman Personnel maintains a stand-by roster of employees for just such emergency replacement situations.
All field employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance and a one million dollar fidelity bond. General liability and employment practices insurance is also maintained.
Jerman Personnel always provides you the best, so you can keep your…


Whether it is temporary work for a vacationing receptionist, 25 long-term light industrial workers, payrolling or an executive placement, every job is supported by the entire Jerman Personnel staffing team to insure that we help you keep your …


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Our staff members pre-screen all potential applicants for the following qualifications:
Potential applicants must:

  • Have a telephone.
  • Have a vehicle for transportation to and from work
  • Be willing to work on temporary assignments
  • Have a substantial work history in the field they are applying for.

When an applicant comes to us for their interview, we test their skill levels on the most current computer software to meet your specific requirements. Jerman Personnel is an equal opportunity employer.

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Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of adamr / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Field employees are given verbal and video safety orientations and instruction. We have a six-point Safety Partnership program for Jerman Personnel and its clients. Safety is always a top priority!


[accordion title=”>UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE:”]Jerman Personnel Services guarantees the satisfactory performance of every field employee who is assigned to your company.

Our clients are assured of being sent field employees who are qualified, productive and professional. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the performance of one of our field employees and you so notify our office within eight hours (four hours for industrial field employees) of the time our employee first begins work for you, we guarantee that you will not be billed for that employee’s time to that point.

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